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USAW 2013 Folkstyle Nationals - IL Girls Wrestling Recap
April 2, 2013
By David Rice IL/USAW

The below IL Girls Wrestling Recap information was accumulated from registered wrestlers via

We had 36 girls from Illinois with 32 of them listed as Team Illinois. Note: Liliana Cortes is listed twice as she wrestled in the Cadet and Junior divisions so if you tried to pull the numbers from just it may be confusing as you'd come up with 37 to represent her 2 entries.

We had 24 girls achieve All-American status and 8 national champs.

National Champs
Tiara Scott (Junior 198 lbs)
Destanie Mowen (Schoolgirl 81 lbs)
Shajrianna Turner (Schoolgirl 113 lbs)
Mikayla Barringer (Division I 45 lbs)
Alina Schlageter (Division I 55 lbs)
Alexis Janiak (Division I 60 lbs)
Korina Blades (Division I 65 lbs)
Randi Robison (Division II 118+ lbs)

IL Girls Wrestling All-Americans
8 - Champions
3 - 2nd place
2 - 3rd place
3 - 4th place
1 - 5th place
2 - 6th place
2 - 7th place
3 - 8th place

Illinois had two finalists in Zoee Sadler (Div I 45 lbs) and Trinity Malave (Div I 55 lbs) who unfortunately ended up having to wrestle against the IL girls that won the national championships in those weight classes. To have both finalists be from this great state is awesome!!!!

Of the 23 girls the state paid for that actually attended the event 19 of them were All-Americans and 7 of them were national champs. Three of those that did not reach All-American status that we paid for were at the HS level and honestly that is our biggest gap of development because for most of the year they are outside of our actual scope of control as far as creating opportunities. I think it also bodes well that 5 of our girls that did not win our state event achieved All-American status and one of them was a national champ.

One thing to note on the following stats I'm including - Some states had multiple teams listed. For example the pre-registration list had Texas with 117 participants from the state of Texas representing 39 different teams with no team having more than 15 wrestlers in it. So to be fair when we list some of these stats by Team it does not necessarily translate to over all STATE superiority. Note I also do not include the 4 girls from Illinois that were not listed as Team Illinois below (although I did include them in the ones above).

National Champions per team
8 - Team Illinois
5 - California Rebel Wrestling
5 - michigan women`s wrestling
3 - Shore Things

This is amazing considering we had two other girls lose to other IL girls in the finals of their weight classes as well.

All-American's per team
(Note: one of IL's 24 All-American's was listed in as Triad WC and not Team Illinois so it is not credited below or in the team points listed previously)
25 - California Rebel Wrestling
23 - Team Illinois (24 including the Triad WC participant)
23 - Minnesota
16 - michigan women`s wrestling
12 - Team Kansas

Top 10 teams
607.5 - California Rebel Wrestling
421.5 - Team Illinois
318.0 - michigan women`s wrestling
312.0 - Minnesota
174.5 - SOT Academy
156.5 - Team Kansas
155.0 - Shore Things
148.0 - Third Coast Wrestling
135.0 - Team Indiana
95.0 - El Paso Aztec Wrestling Club

A few other stats pulled from to show how Illinois stacked up on the mat this weekend:

Most Pins
California Rebel Wrestling- 60
Team Illinois - 30
michigan women`s wrestling - 28
Minnesota - 23
Shore Things - 18

Most TF
Team Illinois - 3
Team Indiana - 2

Most Match Points
California Rebel Wrestling - 440
Team Illinois - 333
Minnesota - 248
michigan women`s wrestling - 191
Team Indiana - 159

Outstanding wrestlers per age group
(Note: per Barringer's facebook page, Mikayla actually was awarded the Outstanding Wrestler Award for her age division at the tournament. I have not heard from anyone else if they also were recognized. When I emailed Archie for more details he just said if they get posted it will be on the and didn't provide any other detail.)

There were a lot of outstanding wrestlers for Illinois the last two days. Note I was not there to see the actual matches but pulling just the stats from Trackwrestling I wanted to give a shout out to some of what on paper seem to be some of our most outstanding performances for each age group.

  • Tiara Scott (Junior 198 lbs) - Champion - went 4-0 with 4 pins (only 1 making it out of the 1st period) and scored 39 team points.
  • Shajrianna Turner (Schoolgirl 113 lbs) - Champion - went 4-0 with 2 pins and scored 35 team points
  • Randi Robison (Division II 118+ lbs) - Champion - went 4-0 with 4 pins (only 1 making it out of the 1st period) and scored 18 team points

For Division I it is much harder to pick just one so I'll list 2 that had almost identical days.

  • Mikayla Barringer (Division I 45 lbs) - Champion - 3-0 with 1 pin and scored 36 team points
  • Alina Schlageter (Division I 55 lbs) - Champion - 3-0 with 1 pin and scored 36 team points

Both girls also had to defeat another girl from Illinois in the finals.

  • Andrea Sennett (Cadet 154 lbs) - 4th place - 2-2 with 2 pins and scored 14 team points

Everyone did an amazing job...for the first year of IL/USAW supporting us to bring together a Girls Team Illinois we wanted to try and make a splash....I think we may have made a tidal wave instead.

University Nationals information

Girls from Illinois that wrestled in the 2013 ASICS University Nationals in Oklahoma City this weekend as well.

On Friday night Erin Golston and Haley Augello both wrestled off for an opportunity to represent Team USA at the Pan Am Championships. Haley won with a pin and Erin lost a close one late in the match (Erin avenged this loss the next day at the University Nationals).

Then on Saturday in the University Nationals we had the following results:

  • Alli Ragan (59 KG) went 5-0 and took 1st (All-American) - had 3 pins and 1 TF in pool wrestling only surrendered 2 points all day
  • Veronica Carlson (67 KG) went 5-0 and took 1st (All-American) - had 4 TF and only surrendered 1 point all day
  • Erin Golston (48 KG) went 4-1 and took 2nd (All-American) - did not surrender a point in pool wrestling

Another amazing display of Illinois wrestling at its finest.

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