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Illinois Girls Wrestling Registration (How to get involved in wrestling)

To get started you fist should probably start by finding a team to practice with. You can choose from many available teams to include your high school or middle school teams. There are also many youth club teams (serve K-8th grade) and some other clubs or academies that provide opportunities for K-12th grade.

To find non-school clubs you can visit the clubs section of the IKWF web site and review by the part of the state you live in to find a team near you. These clubs will have their own registration processes and costs. Through their registration process and fees you will most likely be issued a USA Wrestling Competitor Card which will be required for you to attend regular season as well as state and national championship events.

If you participate on a high school or middle school team (or desire to compete as unattached) you will not be issued a USA Wrestling Card from your team and will need to purchase one on your own. USA Wrestling offers online registration through for $50. If you have not had a USA Wrestling Card previously they will need a copy of your birth certificate to validate your age.

Note that there are some areas of the state that are planning or already have setup Friday night practice sessions for local female athletes to get together and practice with other girls from local area teams. Check out the practices link to the left to view the ones that have official come forward with their information. Check back as others are in the works and we expect them to provide details in the future.

Coaches/Parents - in order for you to sit mat side and coach your athletes you will need a USA Wrestling Coaches Card. You can also visit the web site above and purchase a Coaches card for $40 - background checks are required to complete the process.

Some of our state level events may provide an opportunity to buy Competitor Cards at check-in (with a copy of your birth certificate). But Coaches Cards can not be sold at events because a background check must be complted.

The Illinois Girls Wrestling Committee does have some designated coaches that can step up and provide coaching for your athlete at state level events if there is not a personal coach available. At national events the state level coaches will be in the corner or one of their designees.

You can also apply for an athlete or coaches membership through the mail and save $5 by following the processes on the IKWF web site Membership section.

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