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The Illinois Girls Wrestling Committee would like to give a heart felt thank you for your clubs willingness to provide a girls only division at your tournament this year. It is our sincere hope that you find this opportunity beneficial and that you'll be excited to offer it again in the future.

Some things we'd like to emphasize for those running a girls division this year.

  • Please Read the Girls Bracketing Recommendations document which provides information on the following items:
    • The differences for girls brackets (ranges likely vary more than for boys)
    • Recommendations on how to communicate ranges larger than 6% or more than 3 years before final bracketing occurs
    • Information to consider including in your flyer to inform participants of process you'll follow
    • A chart of weights with 6% and 12% differences in values noted
  • Consider having the name of your tournament in the IKWF events section have "with Girls Division" appended at the end of it to make it easily recognizeable to those browsing the list.
  • Make sure your flyer identifies the girls division in your list of available divisions. This can prevent a lot of unnecessary questions.
  • We ask that all events we are advertising girls divisions for try not to close their registrations to girls early even as they are close to capacity or need to close for the boys based on size. Closing too early on the girls division takes away value to our marketing your event and possibly just brings more questions after closure.
  • If you'd like a member of the Illinois Girls Wrestling Committee to attend your event to help with bracketing/communication please reach out to us at
  • A REQUIREMENT we have in us marketing your event - REPORTING BACK PARTICIPATION NUMBERS. At minimum report back all girls that participated in your event. If you want to provide age/bracket or results break down beyond the basic number feel free to do so.
  • February tournaments can be open to high school aged girls if you chose to do so and as long as the meet the criteria in the statement listed below. Please consider allowing this age group as it will get them active with a USAW card earlier in the process than the day of state.

Example statement: High School Girls Division: If you did not wrestle varsity during the season or you did not participate or place at your IHSA Regionals on Feb 8 to advance to sectionals you may be eligible to compete in this tournament. If you are competing in IHSA sectionals on Feb 15 or you will be representing your team at dual team state you will not be eligible for this event.

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